John SteinerSenior Director

John F. Steiner, MD

John Steiner, MD MPH, is the Senior Director of the Institute for Health Research as well as a professor of general internal medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He is currently the vice-chairman of the HMO Research Network Governing Board and completed his 4-year term as chair of the Health Systems Research study section for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) in June, 2011. His research interests include access to care, health disparities, prevention of cardiovascular disease and treatment adherence.


John Steiner
Director of Research Administration

Julie James, BS

Julie James is the Director of Research Administration at the Institute for Health Research. Prior to joining the IHR in 2012, Ms. James held the position of Director of Sponsored Projects Administration at Denver Health. As a research administrator, her work has focused on general research administration, finance, and electronic research administration applications. She has over 20 years of experience in the health care industry and in earlier work provided management consulting and process improvement to numerous leading medical institutions.


John Steiner
Director of Research Operations

Ella Lyons, MS

Ella Lyons, MS, is the Director of Research Operations at the Institute for Health Research (IHR). Over the course of her 17 year tenure with KPCO (15 ½ years in the IHR), she has served as the biostatistician on studies resulting in more than 20 publications related to a variety of topics including asthma, drug and laboratory monitoring, mental health, and cardiovascular and infectious diseases. Since moving into the director position 2 years ago her focus has been on data quality and infrastructure, analytics and statistics, project support, and clinical trials; in addition, she serves as the IHR liaison to KPCO's Information Technology Department. A key component of Ms. Lyons' work is to discover and implement means of conducting more innovative and efficient research.